Abstracts + Awards


Deadline and Submission

Submission Deadline is 20.04.2017 6pm(CET).

Nevertheless, the echo is among other things an event for students to practice their skills in presenting scientific data. Therefore, we would like to offer you the possibility to submit an abstract after the deadline. In this case, the abstract will not be considered for oral presentation or any of the awards. It is simply a chance for you to present your data as a poster. The abstract form can be downloaded here: abstract_form.


  • max. 250 words
  • full names and affiliations of all authors
  • email and telephone number are required
  • we encourage the authors to include one table/figure in their abstracts

You will recieve an email if your submission was succesfull until the 10.04.2017.


We will award the three best Oral Presentations and the three best Posters.

Picture: © Alexander Dermitzel